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Namespace flags, when set, should be honored for the entire search page
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Author: beland

There are two text entry bars on the search page, one near the top and one near
the button, each with their own submit buttons. Only the bottom bar seems to
respect the namespace flags. For example, if I select "Category" and deselect
(Main) and Mediawiki talk:, then type "Dead" in the top search bar and hit the
"Search" button next to it, the search engine looks in the main namespace for
the query "Dead", not the category namespace. However, if I do the same thing
but use the bottom bar instead, I successfully find "Category:Dead people" among
the results.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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There is no more two entry bar on the search page. So that solve
the bug in 1.5 and HEAD :)

beland wrote:

There are indeed still two text entry areas and two search buttons in the
default theme on the English Wikipedia, which is running 1.6alpha, according to
Special:Version, and this is still a problem.

Got it. Looks like a bug with the Lucene search page so :)

simonell wrote:

The upper search-button uses your personell settings and the other what you have

beland wrote:

Ah. It definitely still makes more sense for your preferences to be the
default, and for the text entry areas and buttons to be unified.

At the very least the first button needs to be labeled "search the namespaces
defined in your preferences" and the
second one "search the namespeces selected on this page".

But really I don't see a need for more than one. If someone wants to reset the
search to their preferences then they can
reload the page. Or a button "reset to preferences" could be added.

Fixed for core UI in r32302.

beland wrote:

Confirmed to be fixed in the live UI; now there is only one list of checkboxes.