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Article Feedback - Special Display for IPv6 Addresses
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Mockup of Feedback Page with a sample IPv6 post

To avoid displaying excessively long IPv6 addresses in the limited space in the first line of each post, we propose to list them on a second line, in smaller text font, as shown in the attached mockup from Pau Giner.

The copy would read as follows:

"A reader found what they were looking for 8 hours ago | Details
Posted anonymously from"

The attached mockup features 2 posts combining one registered and one unregistered users to show how posts fit together.

This will prevent lines from wrapping over in the first line, which will create ugly displays and confuse users.

To make up for the lost space, let's plan to remove some of the extra white space between the end of the comment and the helpful/flag buttons for iPv6 posts, as proposed in the mockup.

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Thanks, Matthias!

For the next deployment, let's only show this alternate user ID method for anonymous users when they have a new IPv6 code -- not when they have a standard IP code.

That was the original intention of this request, to have a solution for IPv6 only. The previous method for showing standard IP names is fine.