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Modify Collection format variables from PDF to ODT for Malayalam Wikprojects
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PDF rendering for complex script in mediawiki environment is erratic. Malayalam WikiSource, and Wikibooks currently use Collection extension and has the default link on the portlet as PDF. Since PDF is buggy, please modify the configuration to display ODT as default for Malayalam wiki projects on the portlet instead of PDF.

Please see similar bugs 37384 , 37154 also

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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Medium.Nov 22 2014, 12:28 AM
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This is indeed a possible solution, adopted by other wikis, as you pointed in the bugs you give as similar.

Could you let a word about this issue on projects' village pump to get a local consensus for this change?

[ Adding 'shellpolicy' keyword, copying similar from comment #1 bugs in see also fields. Importance: Normal. ]

Thank you to have raised the issue on your wiki and seek a confirmation from your fellow editors.

What is "common sense" for ones isn't especially evident for others. For example, someone could say "PDF is a format widely spread, virtually nobody has OpenOffice, LibreOffice, so ODT is an unknown format". The local discussion would allow to reply to these remarks (like in this example "the recent versions of Microsoft Office reads ODT" or to have a debate "What about the readers having nor LibreOffice nor OpenOffice nor Microsoft Word on their computer?").

It also share the roles: it's up to the the wiki community to decide what they wish, and not to the developer to see if this would fill the need of the project.

Taking this bug.

Change has been deployed on live site.