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BiDi related issues to ";", ":", "#", and "*", monobook skin etc.
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Author: gangleri

I have seen a great discrepancy between the Monobook and calsic Skins.
you can see that identations using
#foo (new line)


FAIL at yi.wp (rtl wiki) in the Monobook skin

The corrsponding URL is .

Regards Reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

Version: unspecified
Severity: major



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Changed summary to describe the problem.

gangleri wrote:

changed severity to major as using LTR blocks on RTL wikis a lot

zigger wrote:

The problem occurs in any list with a RTL box on a LTR wiki, as well as a LTR
box on a RTL wiki. It occurs whether the direction-marking occurs on the
list-item, the list, or a div around the list. REL1_4 and HEAD both have the

The CSS1 and CSS2.1 specifications place list-item markers outside the list-item
"box", for the default list-style-position. Both the Gecko and IE layout
engines can place these markers outside the parent boxes completely.

The Monobook main.css sets lists to have no padding, no right-hand margin and a
left margin of 3.2em. rtl.css reverses the horizontal margins for lists,
although with a smaller margin for ordered lists. TOC styles overide the
horizontal margins separately.

One simple fix is to change main.css to make the left margin the same size as
the right margin. This removes the need to override the horizontal margins in
rtl.css. This could be applied to the MediaWiki releases, or just done as a
customisation per site or per user.

The down-side of this fix is that the extra margin wastes horizontal space,
which may be an issue inside table columns. It can be overridden using tags
instead of wikisyntax.

I'll attach sample XHTML, and the patches for this fix.

(Although the default padding for Firefox 1.04 and IE6-SP1 is already 0, I've
left it in the CSS in case someone put it there for other browsers that may have
different defaults.)

The sample uses colored borders to show how CSS works for this problem. A.1
shows the current behaviour, and A.2 shows the effect of the patch. B & C show
the effect of changing the list padding.

zigger wrote:

Sample XHTML page


zigger wrote:

REL1_4 patch for Monobook main.css, rtl.css


zigger wrote:

HEAD patch for Monobook main.css, rtl.css


gangleri wrote:

see also
bug 3929: make ٭ equivalent to *

gangleri wrote:

Please take a look at bug 4521 comment 6
Bug 4521: Definition list abused for indentation purposes

admin wrote:

*** Bug 6221 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Just tested this against the sample text and got the expected indentation on both monobook, classic and vector.

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