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Article Feedback - Add Central Feedback Page to Special:SpecialPages
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Let's add a new entry for the Central Feedback page in Special:SpecialPages:

This will help editors quickly find our Central Feedback Page (Special:ArticleFeedbackv5) if they don't know (or can't remember) what it's called.

I recommend that we place it in the 'Other Special Pages' section at the bottom of the page, using this wording:

Article feedback - Central page (New: AFT5)

Out of courtesy for people still using the old AFT4 version, we could keep that link for a few more weeks, but add a label that clarifies that it is old, as so:

Article feedback dashboard (Old: AFT4)

By the time we deploy to 100%, we should plan to take over that URL and remove that old link.

For now, simply adding the new link above the old one should do the trick.


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