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Enable "Article Feedback" on Georgian Wikipedia (
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You might want to see bug 43892 too..

Do you mean (looks like with stars for rating). It is still deployed (e.g. on some pages on English Wikipedia), but no longer maintained for new features?

Or, do you mean (looks like with no stars, and "Did you find what you were looking for?" ). This is the newer one.

There is a discussion in bug 61163 on whether small wikis should be allowed to use or test ArticleFeedback; your views are welcome.

(In reply to Sam Reed (reedy) from comment #3)

Ping per questions above

No answer in one year, we don't even know what extension this is about: closing. Please file a new bug mentioning the extension desired by the community (with a link from which it's clear; the linked discussion doesn't contain any indication of what extension it is about).