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Users can mark a single piece of feedback as [un]helpful multiple times
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See screenshot. He can evidently mark feedback as unhelpful repeatedly, despite it being the same piece.

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  • Bug 43208 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

What's actually happening from the screenshot is marking it unhelpful, changing your mind and UN-marking as unhelpful, repeat. That's a legitimate activity the first few times, though a little wasteful to log. The UI should clarify its behavior so some user doesn't repeatedly click thinking she is plus-3'ing or minus-4'ing some brilliant/awful feedback. For example, tooltip on the icon could show [Click to un-mark as unhelpful] or [Undo your marking as helpful], AFT could immediately give feedback showing the action, etc.

There's no reliable way to be certain that an anonymous user has up/down-voted already, so it could theoretically still occur with anon users, since we rely on cookies for this.
This was a problem with the javascript however, which resulted in quite a decent amount of consecutive up/down-votes like this. This problem has already been solved for awhile now though.