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Identify which filters triggered auto-flag actions
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It would be great if the detailed view explained, when something has been auto-flagged or auto-hidden, what filter it tripped.

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This had already been added, at the time when the more detailed explanations were displayed when flat out rejecting feedback.
Right now, there is not auto-flagging on enwiki though: all feedback filter offenses immediately block the feedback. If however at some point some filter would not block the submission of feedback, but would accept it and auto-flag/hide/request oversight it, the details of this filter will also be added in the log, so we'll know what tripped it.

There was a small issue with the auto-flag though; it called the incorrect function to flag, which should be fixed with Gerrit 62964 (Gerrit Change Id2d1691e3c70c342e1a2b44ab429f1975bbeb688) | change APPROVED and MERGED [by jenkins-bot]