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"found what they were looking for" counted / displays incorrectly
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See for example; only one of the posts, evidently, is being counted.

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<tl;dr> Calculation of numbers is pretty intransparent currently.

Long version:
right now states

  • 47 posts about this page
  • 34% found what they were looking for

Clicking "All comments (41)", in the list there are:

  • 12x "found what they were looking for"
  • 29x "did not find what they were looking for"

It's pretty unclear how these 34% are calculated, likely because 6 posts about this page are not displayed (as they are empty?).
100 / 41 * 12 is only 29%,
but assuming that some of the 6 hidden posts are positive,
100 / 47 * (12+6) is 38% so it's likely somewhere in that range.

  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 43887 ***