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Change Georgian (Ka) sitename for Wikipedia and Wiktionary
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The namespaces apparently inherited their names from the Georgian Wikipedia project. So I'd like to
request the change of those names that do not match in Georgian Wiktionary. Please translate the

Project: -> currently ვიკიპედია -> translate as ვიქსიკონი
Project talk: -> currently ვიკიპედია განხილვა -> translate as ვიქსიკონი განხილვა

Please make sure these changes do not affect the Georgian Wikipedia project.

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The problem is that LanguageKa.php has the Project namespace hard-coded. Thus,
Wiktionary's namespace inherited the name. How to set the Project name without
putting it in LanguageKa.php? (The default 'Wikipedia' and 'Wiktionary' will not

Please update SITENAME ($wgMetaNamespace) for the following sites for KA language:

Wikipedia: ვიკიპედია
Wiktionary: ვიქსიკონი

I'll submit new LanguageKa.php file after (can only be after) this is done.

Any news on this? Come on, guys... Is it that hard to change?

The LanguageKa.php file changes are submitted on bug #3905 after this issue is

robchur wrote:

You ask for the sitename ($wgSitename) to be changed, but then state that you
want the meta-namespace ($wgMetaNamespace) to be changed. Which is it, please?

As according to most LanguageXX.php files:

if ($wgMetaNamespace === FALSE)
$wgMetaNamespace = str_replace( ' ', '_', $wgSitename );

, I would say it's $wgSitename which in this case will happen to be the same as
Please change $wgSitename (affecting the {{SITENAME}} variable).