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Add portal namespace at sewiki
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Add a portal namespace at sewiki. Localized name will be set up through Translatewiki if there are no response in time.

I've been asked to initiate this process, but there are very few involved in Northern Sami Wikipedia so I'm not sure if it is possible to get an ordinary consensus on the implementation of this.

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It would probably take some time to get more than 2-3 people interested, but the thread is at

Two support, no opposition in one month seems enough for a consensus on a non active wiki. Shellpolicy -> shell.

Taking this bug.

I can't do anything without the portal name. This isn't a Translatewiki variable but a config one. Every custom namespace has to have a name.

Have you a solution to find a translation for this word?

The names should be
Portal: Portála
Portal talk: Portálságastallan

Also set up the aliases
Portal: Temasiidu
Portal talk: Temasiidoságastallan

That should be all I think.

Thank you for the precision. I'm preparing the patch.

Thank to you, I'm only forwarding what the community want to do! Its a small community and thing can be decided over gtalk and phone. :)

Sorry, there are a change.

This is now:
Portal talk: Portálságastallan

This should be:
Portal talk: Portálaságastallan

Otherwise it is correct! :)

(In reply to comment #7)

Gerrit change #23222

Deployed on live site.áš:Oza&search=&fulltext=Search&profile=advanced&redirs=1&uselang=en show up the two new namespaces:

Portála Portálaságastallan