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Marking something for deletion or adding maintenance tags should automatically review it
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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Unbreak Now!.Nov 22 2014, 1:07 AM
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From a user perspective, it seems confusing to have an item be both 'marked as reviewed' (green checkmark icon) and 'marked for deletion' (black trash icon). To reduce that confusion, I recommend that we only show the black highlight for items that have been marked for deletion. As I understand it, the current meaning of 'Marked as reviewed' implies that 1) you are done with your review and 2) there are no major problems with this page, which is reinforced by the green highlight. Having both a green and black highlight seems unclear.

As far as logs, metrics and queues are concerned. I definitely think it should be removed from the 'unreviewed' queue, and placed in the 'marked for deletion' queue, but am hesitant to put it in the 'marked as reviewed' queue as well, for reasons stated above.

bsitu wrote:

The queue has the following types: unreviewed/reviewed/patrolled/auto-patrolled. Deletion is an article attribute rather than a type.

For the 'reviewed' Icon in curation toolbar, We can show the black trash icon instead of a green checkmark for articles marked for deletion ( which also automatically gets reviewed )

I would suggest showing both to minimise confusion (I tagged it for deletion but it hasn't been reviewed? what the deuce?)

Similarly I'd suggest that adding maintenance tags to an article should also automatically review it.

Agh. What I meant to type was "I'm upping the priority on this".

Little things like this are a constant reminder to the end user that twinkle does things more elegantly, or with less effort, than it takes to do them in Page Curation. If we can fix bugs like this we can actually make a good case for replacement. Until then, curating pages is more effort than patrolling them.

As discussed in today's team meeting, we agreed to remove the 'Mark as reviewed' checkbox at the bottom of the 'Add Tags' flyout, to reduce unnecessary clutter.

As proposed above, pages that are tagged or marked for deletion would be automatically marked as reviewed as well. This matches the existing behavior of Twinkle, which patrollers are already familiar with and expect from this new tool.

This means that we would have two main categories: reviewed and unreviewed pages. Reviewed pages can break down in four sub-categories: pages simply marked as reviewed, pages that have been tagged, pages that have been marked for deletion, and pages that have been auto-patrolled. All such pages would automatically display a green checkmark icon in the Curation Toolbar and on the New Pages Feed, with one exception: any page that has been marked for deletion will show both the green checkmark and black trash icons on the Curation Toolbar, but only the black trash icon on the New Pages Feed.

The net result of all this is that it will require less work for the page patrollers, as requested above. It will also unclutter the user interface as an added bonus. And it will match Twinkle functionality, as well as increase the overall numbers of reviewed posts.

In the rare scenarios where someone adds a tag but is not comfortable 'marking it as reviewed', they can always use the 'mark as unreviewed' tool to do that.

Fixed by Benny and I merged it.