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Restrict search by category, or set of categories (e.g. range of date categories)
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Author: kbaas

possibly a search _page_

advanced options would be:

*specify categories
*specify date range (for wikinews)

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement
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rowan.collins wrote:

We have a search page, it's called [[Special:Search]]; but yes, it could be
enhanced. Editting summary of this bug to reflect exact feature requested.

max wrote:

Maybe some kind of intersection of categories should be implemented. For now
we ought to have categories like "French physicists" which must be a simple
intersection of categories "France" and "Physicists". And if someone would seek
for e.g. a list of French physicists of XIX century he has no choice.

Restored bug from flood attack.

Wiki.Melancholie wrote:

(section #Metadata) to see how the search by category could work.
See bug 5244 for the multi category search.

le.korrigan wrote:

It seems that this bug can be closed, as Lucene Search 2.0 does the job with the "incategory:" search ?

Now another super-extra-wonderful idea would be to create a search page on which you can intersect two categories, a bit like on Even just having a couple of inputboxes in which you enter two category names (which result in a search like "incategory:A AND incategory:B") would be great.

rainman wrote:

Well, no, ls2 doesn't do this. The incategory keyword is there, and (some) categories are in the index, but the current way of maintaining them is not very good. Especially if categories are within templates, or embedded in some other nontrivial way. That's why I haven't announced the category search in the last release note on wikitech-l.

So, I would say this bug is still open.

  • Bug 12037 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

That would be *very* useful, also in Wikisource, which could be used as a real thesaurus, e.g. to search only texts written in a certain century (if the pages are in an appropriate category).

rainman wrote:

Actually, since century categories on wikisource are added in-text, you can already do it, try:

This won't do subcategories though (it handles categories more like tags)

(In reply to comment #9)

This won't do subcategories though (it handles categories more like tags)

And it doesn't seem to find all pages, neither: compare (440 elements) and (69 results) or (56 results).
That's because of this, I suppose:

(In reply to comment #6)

categories are within templates, or embedded in some
other nontrivial way.

The +incategory feature should also ignore nowikified categories.

brian.mcneil wrote:

This issue has been brought up on Wikinews, there are several items to consider.

*Ability to search for articles in categories
*Ability to do intersections ( catA and catB )
*Ability to search articles not in a specific category
*Ability to search articles in a category and all sub-categories

In addition to just within certain cats, for Wikinews it would be very useful also to exclude certain cats, see

Just a note that if the incategory feature or another is made to also detect pages indirectly categorized, that is, through transclusion, there should also be a feature which detects pages directly in the category - what incategory does now, as we sometimes need to see pages that are directly, or indirectly, in the category.

  • Bug 4286 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

This bug is in MediaWiki core product, but maybe it is of interest that the new CirrusSearch extension improves category filtering a lot:

  • Bug 31028 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
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