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Galician date and time localization
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I would like to request a little modification for Galician date and time localization. As of today, format is as follows:

<time>, <data> (<hour>:<minutes>, <day> de <month> de <year>).

A more accurate format for Galician would be:

<data> ás <time> (<day> de <month> de <year> ás <hour>:<minutes>)

i.e., moving time to the end and adding the word "ás" between date and time (something similar to French).

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There might be something wrong, because the correct format is shown elsewhere but in Special:Preferences. Besides "Registration time:" it shows "<pre>14 de febreiro de 2008 ás 18:46 </pre> " with two <pre> tags.

I'm not sure, but may be the "/" character left at the beginning of the line before "j". See

Fix submitted in Gerrit change 32033.

(In reply to comment #4)

Fix submitted in Gerrit change #32033.

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