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Special:Undelete not showing list of deleted pages.
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Special:Undelete dies with a backtrace when attempting to go to Special:Undelete
(without a specified target, undeletion of a specific article works fine):

Archiver() given a null title.


  • GlobalFunctions.php line 513 calls wfbacktrace()
  • SpecialUndelete.php line 28 calls wfdebugdiebacktrace()
  • SpecialUndelete.php line 365 calls pagearchive::pagearchive()
  • SpecialUndelete.php line 313 calls undeleteform::showhistory()
  • SpecialUndelete.php line 15 calls undeleteform::execute()
  • SpecialPage.php line 305 calls wfspecialundelete()
  • SpecialPage.php line 215 calls specialpage::execute()
  • index.php line 101 calls specialpage::executepath()

I have tested that on cs: and Commons (I don't have sysop rights elsewhere), both are broken.
On my local installation (MW1.4.4) it works just fine, so it might be just some local problem
with Wikimedia installation.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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Here's the problem; Domas put in a live hack to disable the list view:

if( is_null( $this->mTargetObj ) ) {

  1. 2005 05 30 - midom - disabled list, absolutely sucky performance wise #return $this->showList();


It then falls through to run the incorrect case.

jeluf wrote:

inserted a return true; in the if-case. List now shows up empty. Calling
undelete on a deleted page works.

List showing again. Bug fixed :)