Undo/Redo doesn't work in Chrome/Chromium/Firefox for WikiEditor 0.3.1 in MW 1.19.2
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Author: kartiksinghal

I am using WikiEditor 0.3.1 in my mediawiki (1.19.2) installation and found that for some weird reason, undo/redo (Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Shift+Z) doesn't work in the editor with Chrome, Chromium and Firefox browsers; while it works for Rekonq and default KDE webbrowser.

I found T33780 - a slightly different but probably relevant bug report.

Also, undo works just fine in default VisualEditor in Chrome.

Interesting point to notice is that Undo/Redo work fine even on WikiEditor used on Wikipedia, but not in my mediawiki instance, looks like some good changes not pushed to upstream yet.

I also tried test2.wikipedia.org, it works fine there as well.

Version: REL1_19-branch
Severity: minor
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This has probably already been fixed. I have no issues with undo/redo in Firefox on my local wiki running MW 1.23 and WikiEditor from master.

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