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Remove reader tools for editors in feedback page
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This proposed feature would hide reader moderation tools for editors (e.g.: mark as helpful/unhelpful, flag as abuse), as described in this feature requirement page:

Note that we want to implement this feature at the same time as the 'simpler moderation tools', so editors do not get upset that we are removing these reader tools without giving them better moderation tools.

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Note: on mouseover, the displayed text does not change to:
"66% of readers found this helpful (4 yes / 2 no)", rather it remains "66% of readers found this helpful" and a browser tooltip "4 yes / 2 no" appears. Reason: it was implemented that way already, and otherwise, when hovering, the "x abuse flags" would move because of the additional text inserted (or I would have to set that at a fixed size, but then that would not nicely collapse on small screens). Is that ok?

Thanks, Matthias!

This is fine, as long as we still have the tooltip.

I think that this and bug 43418 should be marked as resolved.