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Reports of Windows 8 app crashing at splash screen
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Windows 8 app will not launch

I've been using the app on a Windows 8 tablet and it recently stopped working. It just dumps back to the start screen after showing the Wikipedia splash screen for a second. I uninstalled and reinstalled, checked for updates, etc. and it still won't run.

  • I am having the same problem with the App on my PC. I get the splash screen and then it crashes. I'm uninstalled and re-installed, restarted the computer etc... multiple times. no luck.

(((I don't have a Windows 8 device, so I couldn't check myself, sorry)))

Version: Unspecified
Severity: critical
OS: Windows 8



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Plus I'd love to have instructions from the mobile team how users could provide a coredump (or whatever it's called on Windows) in case they exist...

I can confirm this, it's probably another problem with the featured feed parsing -- I'd improved its error handling but it's probably got a mistake still.

The Windows Store sends us crash reports in a format that I'm not fully sure I understand, I'll see if I can get Visual Studio to read them.

For now the simplest way to repro a crash if it's easily reproducible is:

  • install Windows 8 (in a VM or real machine)
  • install SDK (Visual Studio Express)
  • install GitHub for Windows
  • check out the source
  • launch the app in Visual Studio
  • wait for it to crash :D


Problem appears to be with this featured article item:,_2013

It contains a TimedMediaHandler media object, and a link inside that area is getting extracted -- since it's not a valid wiki page, the code freaks.

I can improve the error handling in the code but it'll take time to deploy the fix.

I've also gone ahead and made a tweak to the entry to add a hidden link which the Win8 app should see:,_2013&diff=534362579&oldid=533956507

However I'm not sure how long the cache on the feed lasts, it's still seeing the old data. Will check back in an hour or so.

Looks like this is now resolved.

I'll put more error checking in for the next release, will file a separate bug for it.