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Error while merging accounts with MergeAccount on WikiVoyage: "1062: Duplicate entry for key 'wl_user'"
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Several times we got database error like the following one:

Es ist ein Datenbankfehler aufgetreten. Der Grund kann ein Programmierfehler sein. Die letzte Datenbankabfrage lautete:
transl: A database error occurs. Maybe, the cause could be a programmer's mistake. The last query was:

(Die SQL-Datenbankabfrage ist verborgen.)
transl: The sql query is hidden.

aus der Funktion „DatabaseBase::update“. Die Datenbank meldete den Fehler „1062: Duplicate entry '5567-2-Celsius' for key 'wl_user' (“.

transl.: from the function „DatabaseBase::update“. The database returned the error message: „1062: Duplicate entry '5567-2-Celsius' for key 'wl_user' (“.

Version: REL1_20-branch
Severity: normal



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Hi Roland, please see for how to display the hidden SQL query, and paste it here. Thanks!

Hi Andre,
because Wikivoyage is a WMF project we have no access to LocalSettings.php

Ah. Wasn't clear to me that it's about Wikivoyage, sorry. Thought this is a private MediaWiki installation... :)

Was this Special:MergeAccount or Special:UserMerge?

I think it was Special:MergeAccount. But this service was stopped some time ago to our wiki. It seems that the error occurs if users edited the user pages of the account to merge.