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Issues with manual thumbnails
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The output for [[Image:Bad.jpg|thumb=Foobar.jpg|Title]] is:

<div class="thumb tright"><div class="thumbinner" style="width:1943px;"><a href="/wiki/File:Foobar.jpg" class="image"><img alt="" src="" width="1941" height="220" class="thumbimage" srcset=" 1.5x, 2x" /></a> <div class="thumbcaption"><div class="magnify"><a href="/wiki/File:Bad.jpg" class="internal" title="Enlarge"><img src="/skins/common/images/magnify-clip.png" width="15" height="11" alt="" /></a></div>Title</div></div></div>

This has several problems:

  1. This output is from parserTests, where Bad is supposed to be a blacklisted image; that doesn't seem to be getting caught.
  2. presumably the <a href> link should be to the image (ie, Bad.jpg) not to the thumbnail
  3. the src and srcset are inconsistent. (Using the thumbnail for src but the original image for srcset.)

Version: 1.21.x
Severity: normal



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The blacklist issue (#1 above) is explained by -- apparently we can't test the blacklist from parserTests?

The other two issues seem to still be legit.

Thanks for the report and your patch!