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[CODE QUALITY] Refactor the storage of "trust" information in the user properties (use JSON)
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Currently, the information of trusted sites is stored in an usual way. Should be changed to serialized or better, simply to JSON, fully.

The relevant parts which needs to be changed are in

+ SpecialOpenIDServer.body.php

  1. Get the user's configured trust value for a particular trust root.
  2. Returns one of three values:
  3. * NULL -> no stored trust preferences
  4. * false -> stored trust preference is not to trust
  5. * array -> possibly empty array of allowed profile fields; trust is OK

function GetUserTrust( $user, $trust_root ) {

function SetUserTrust( &$user, $trust_root, $value ) {

static function GetUserTrustArray( $user ) {

function SetUserTrustArray( &$user, $arr ) {

Blocks T47323: OpenID Preference tab: Show list of "trust" records [SOLVED] ; add links for selective deletion [SOLVED]

Version: master
Severity: enhancement



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The trust data is already JSON-encoded (encapsulated) stored and respectively retrieved using

+ $user->setOption( 'openid_trust', FormatJSON::encode( $trust_str ) ); )

in SpecialOpenIDServer.body.php.

So this bug is of minor importance - no need to fix this with priority (setting => low importance)

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