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Add a link on the client when a Wikidata item exists, even when no other interwiki is already defined
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The interface should show a link "Edit links" (add/remove interwikis), even when there isn't currently any of them.

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[ Confirming this bug report. ]

The goal would be to allow to add more easily other langlinks when a page has been created on a Wikidata repository, but contains only one langlink entry.

As a Wikidata editor, it's annoying to not be able to tell if a wikipedia page already has an item in Wikidata, or I still need to create one.

(we will also have the "add links" link coming in the next deployment, with a widget to connect the item)

This patch makes things more consistent and usable in cases where there is only one site link and then it's easier to access the related Wikidata item.

Has this been fixed now? The new interface seems to work quite nicely at least on fiwiki.

Verified in Wikidata demo sprint 22-9