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Audio player takes a long time to initialize when requesting Vorbis output via <score> invocation
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When requesting Vorbis output to be made available via a <score> invocation, the resulting TMH player takes a long time to render. On this test page I'm counting several seconds of wait time per score:

In comparison, just embedding a [[File:Whatever.ogg]] into a page doesn't incur the same performance penalty; the TMH player is initialized much faster in that case.

[Tested with FF19 and Chrome 24.]

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Would there be the option to *not* have Vorbis player display by default, or have it display over the work but as required? When the Wikisources are trying to replicate a work it would be useful to have that capacity to preserve any formatting that would be in place, and not have it moveed around with . A slight delay in the player is probably of less a concern when we start plugging this into something like Grove's [[s:en:Dictionary of Music and Musicians]]

That's already the case -- I just requested it with vorbis="1" on the example page. See for documentation and examples.

Yes ... though I see a few scenarios ...

There are a number of situations that one (c|w)ould be faced at a Wikisource

  1. Notation solely for display purposes.
  2. Works where the intent is to play the music, and the display of the work is not relevant.
  3. Works where the standard display is required, and the choice to play the work or not is going to reside with the reader. Maybe something like [[s:en:Page:Irving Berlin Michigan3c.jpg]]

Though maybe this should wait for more play time as we sort through all the new experiences.

Thanks to all for the extension roll-out. Lots to learn and sort through.

Wonder if this should be moved into TMH?

Related URL: (Gerrit Change I227b5b1b7c66e9564a1e2af4e16ead8c3ec5a999)

jgerber wrote:

One way to make it faster is to pass the duration of the audio file to TimedMediaTransformOutput, with the Gerrit Change
I227b5b1b7c66e9564a1e2af4e16ead8c3ec5a999 this also gets rendered.
Score does not know the duration of the audio file however. So that has to be fixed and passed to TimedMediaTransformOutput.

Related URL: (Gerrit Change I34d583c6b803e8db5eabceb07552a391eec2519c)

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