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$wgLogTypes contains "suppress" twice on enwiki
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When looking at possible values of the logtype property of the watchlist API module on enwiki [1], the value "suppress" is included twice.

This list comes from the variable $wgLogTypes. The first "suppress" is default, the second seems to be added by ArticleFeedbackv5 [2].

I think $wgLogTypes should not contain duplicate values, so ArticleFeedbackv5 shouldn't be adding it.


Version: master
Severity: minor



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reedy@fenari:~$ mwscript eval.php enwiki

var_dump( $wgLogTypes );

array(29) {

string(0) ""
string(5) "block"
string(7) "protect"
string(6) "rights"
string(6) "delete"
string(6) "upload"
string(4) "move"
string(6) "import"
string(6) "patrol"
string(5) "merge"
string(8) "suppress"
string(6) "review"
string(6) "stable"
string(8) "gblblock"
string(10) "renameuser"
string(10) "globalauth"
string(9) "gblrights"
string(11) "abusefilter"
string(17) "articlefeedbackv5"
string(8) "suppress"
string(19) "pagetriage-curation"
string(19) "pagetriage-deletion"
string(11) "institution"
string(6) "course"
string(7) "student"
string(6) "online"
string(6) "campus"
string(10) "instructor"
string(8) "newusers"


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