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system wide software request: sbt
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sbt ( is a build tool for Java and Scala software similar to Maven, and it is the de-facto standard build tool for Scala. Though it could run in userspace, it is usual mode of installation is a system wide deployment. It is not available through the Debian or Ubuntu repositories, but is available as a .deb package. The now current version is found at and generally the most current version is linked from (it is a fairly fast moving target). I would like to have this software available on labs.

Because I hope but don't expect many people, if any people, other than me will be using this tool, and because there is no absolute need (merely a fairly large convenience) to have it installed system-wide (or even at all, though it is a great convenience to be able to use its dependency management which is an utter pain to do manually), i'm setting severity here to enhancement, and offer myself to assist with packaging and updating for as far that is desirable and I'm able to do so.

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ok... so where do you actually want this to be installed?

I would like to be able to use it as a bot runner and compiler. I think that means exec nodes and tools-dev and tools-login? I'm not quite sure :S

hm... this package has some dependency problems, it relies on full java2-runtime which is very likely not necessary. We definitely don't want to have that on exec nodes, so, are you sure you need this on exec nodes as well? some repacking would be needed then...

I have installed this to -dev can you tell me if you need this package on exec nodes, or is -dev sufficient?

Hi Peter,

I suspect that it's not so much the java runtime, but the java SDK that would be problematic for the exec nodes. -dev only should suffice and teach me not to be lazy about building and publishing to a deployable state. Thank you for your effort. I'm working on getting sbt in a PPA so import of future versions will be easier. I've tested the current sbt setup on -dev and was able to build the trunk of my bot there and do a quicky testrun on -dev. I'm setting the status to fixed-resolved. Thanks!