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IE9: intermittent: AFTv5 not appearing in beta labs
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AFT input form not appearing for IE9

IE9 is sometimes not appearing for Aftpage on beta labs, see screen shot.

After experimenting, this seems to be an intermittent issue. Clicking "compatibility view" a few times can make the display of the AFTv5 feedback form appear sometimes and not appear other times.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal


ie9_no_aft.png (554×1 px, 160 KB)



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(10:27:31 AM) mlitn: oh; just checked IE9 again; for me, it works fine in compatibility mode, but does not in non-compat mode
(10:28:02 AM) mlitn: in non-compat mode, if flashes: form seems to be added and immediately removed
(10:28:08 AM) chrismcmahon: mlitn: Yes, which is the opposite of what you would expect. I saw that as well.

I'm confused here.


  • The AFTv5 form shows up, then is hidden again immediately. Only in non-compatibility mode, other mode (as well as IE8 & IE7 work fine)
  • F12 developer tools shows that AFTv5 is actually there, but has a display:none
  • Getting rid of the display:none using F12 developer tools, displays AFTv5 again, and it's fully functional

Temp. conclusion here: none of AFTv5's "can the form be displayed on this page" is the reason for the form not to be there; it is actually there.

  • Judging from F12 developer tools, the display:none is on .articleFeedbackv5. The one in jquery.articleFeedbackv5.css, line 12. Wrapper inside an @media print {}

At this point, perhaps ResourceLoader is messing up the CSS, dropping or making something invalid out of the @media print (since it obviously not only displays on print). However, it should also be erroneous on other browsers.

  • Capturing requests, I find ResourceLoader returns this: @media print{.articleFeedbackv5{display:none}} - looks like perfectly valid & correct CSS to me

At this point, I'm out of potential culprits. The CSS that is making the form disappear seems perfectly valid & should not be applied on a non-print media.
I'd blame IE9, but a quick "google" doesn't reveal similar issues.

Related URL: (Gerrit Change I7ad82766845bd0a793b6c8dd8008c93a14d17cc3)

Related URL: (Gerrit Change I7ad82766845bd0a793b6c8dd8008c93a14d17cc3)

Submitted a patch ( that theoretically should override the display:none that is incorrectly being applied. Let's see if that fixes it. (Gerrit Change I7ad82766845bd0a793b6c8dd8008c93a14d17cc3) | change APPROVED and MERGED [by jenkins-bot]

Funny bug.

I just tested again now that the above patch has been merged.

To me, in IE9, AFT now does not show up in compatibility mode. It does in non-compatibility mode now.

This is the exact opposite of how it was prior.

The good news is that, in production, it works in both modes.

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