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Request not to filter <tbody> and </tbody> codes
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Author: paul

If editing (a
complicated table), when using a WYSIWG editor such as the one built in to
Netscape (If you look at the format of the table you'll see why editing such a
table by hand was painful and why you really would not want to edit that
table that way!), Netscape will generate a <tbody> code before the table code,
and generate a </tbody> code after the table code. I believe these html codes
are harmless, and allowing them to pass through without filtering will not cause
any problems or provide security issues.

I therefore respectfully request that the html codes
be allowed by the Wikimedia software without filtering.

Paul Robinson



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Also, enabling <tfoot> would be greatly appreciated, as it would allow users to
automatically insert some text at the bottom of their talk pages, without having
the "+" button push things below it.

michael wrote:

See also Bug 4740: thead, tbody, tfoot for wikitable syntax.

We could toss thead, tbody, and tfoot into the table whitelist in Sanitizer::removeHTMLtags... to do it right one would need to expend extra effort to ensure nesting is correct, though. (Or else leave it to Tidy...)

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