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Parsoid: One missing apostrophe causes corruption across table cells
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Minimal test case:


align=left colspan=3'''Valid Votes''''''38,847'''''100.00%'''

Note that the bolding of 38,847 is not closed correctly: one quote is missing.

The PHP parser renders this (correctly) as:
<td><b>Valid Votes</b></td><td>'<i>Valid Votes</i></td><td><b>100.00%</b></td>

Parsoid renders this in an ... interesting way:
<td>'<i>Valid Votes<b></b></i></td>38,847</td><td><b>100.00%</b></td>

Note the stray quote before Valid Votes, the fact that Valid Votes is now in italic, the empty <b> tag, and the fact that 38,847 is completely unformatted.

Because the output HTML is so weird, this obviously doesn't round-trip right either:

align="left" colspan="3"'''Valid Votes''''''''38,847'''100.00%'''

The real-world test case that brought this to my attention is

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Severity: normal



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Change 71312 had a related patch set uploaded by Subramanya Sastry:
(Bug 50447) Quote balancing should not cross td/th boundaries

Change 71312 merged by jenkins-bot:
(Bug 50447) Quote balancing should not cross td/th boundaries

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