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VisualEditor should not encourage links of little relevance (e.g. disambiguation pages, already used links, etc..)
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  1. Open an article such as

  1. Click in a non-linked word "function"
  2. Click in the link button (CTRL+K)

The list of matching pages will include the disambiguation page "[[Function]]", which should actually be avoided.

Similarly, if a paragraph already has a link to [[Function]], then it should not appear in a second atempt to add the same link (or there should be some visual indication that this kind of link is not desirable - e.g. by having a section in the dropdown menu labeled "Already used links...")

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PS: this was inspired by the commit message of

See also gerrit change 70564.

This is a duplicate of bug 50240; yes, this would be a nice enhancement to get done soon.

  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 50240 ***