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[[Special:AbuseFilter/test]] should limit the number of results only after filtering by the provided conditions
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Currently, if I go to [[pt:Special:AbuseFilter/test]], add a simple test like "1=1" and insert the name of an article such as "Matemática" in the box, I get no results at all, even after marking the option "Show changes that do not match the filter".

It seems the extension do not get the last 100 changes to the page, but instead check if in the last 100 changes to any page of the wiki there is some which mas made to the provided page (in that case, I get no result unless someone recently edited the page).

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Looking at the code, this is not how things are executed. Instead, we do the query on the specified fields using a LIMIT parameter. SQL limits the query after having gathered a set of pages, thus this is not the reason. Instead, the real cause is that we run the select on rctables, which have an expiry time. This is the same limitation seen for user contribs, and is now also specified in datetime selectors.