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Entering language code should be sufficient to select the right language
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In the past it was the case that when you entered a language code to add a new page to that item, the software understood what you meant and chose the right language.

At the moment that is changed that it searches first for what language starts with the characters of the code. In the past we could use the language code, than hit the tab button, pasting the page name and enter, and then it was done. Now for no reason we need to select the right language as just entering the language isn't functioning any more, while that is the easiest way, the shortest way, the most efficient way and most used way of entering a new page to an item. I estimate that 95% of the additions are added with the language code instead of the language name. So for all these users it is very very very very much annoying. So please put the language code in top back again. Thanks.

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As the description of "Wikimedia > Wikidata" says, "Bugs relating to problems with the website. Problems with the software itself should be filed under "MediaWiki extensions > Wikidata*"!" Hence moving.

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So for all these users it is very very very very much annoying.

Citations welcome, if we want to avoid [[Wikipedia:WEASEL]]. :) wrote:

(The menu isn't clear apparently.)

I described the feeling it gives me, a user who works daily on Wikidata adding thousands of links. I used simple logic and described the way people work, and that this recent change makes editing Wikidata less efficient. Previously the software was designed very well on this point, maybe we have said too less how well this worked.

Now this is changed what makes it for almost every users more difficult and/or less efficient to add a new link.

I agree, it's very annoying now! Takes too much time to search and choose the correct language. Better to just enter the code.

There was no intentional change done to the filter mechanism and, unfortunately, we are unable to reproduce the problem. Can you please provide an example which causes the unexpected behaviour?

E.g. in
Try to add a new link, type "no", first result is "Nordfriisk (frr)", when better would be "norsk bokmål (no)". So just writing "no" and pressing tabulator gives Nordfriisk, when I want norsk bokmål.

Alright, thanks. The problem is caused by changes related to the implementation of site groups. The auto-completion mechanism is matching on the site id. We were using the language codes as site ids until the changes have been made to untie Wikibase from a Wikipedia-exclusive use-case. Currently, "no" does not have a special meaning since the site id is "nowiki" now.