General non VE feedback goes to the VE feedback page.
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I've noticed quite a few edits going to the VE feedback page page which don't really seem to be VE feedback. If you follow through the new editor experience its quite obvious why they are being directed there:
1)New editor finds a page, they want to edit and clicks "Edit"

  1. They have a question, they see the big ? in the top bar and click it
  2. There are two options: "user guide" and "Leave feadback", the second is obviously the one for questions so they click that
  3. There is some complicate text which is tldr and a nice box to ask your question. The user types in that and

5)Bingo, a new section on the feedback page

This senario probably explains why we are getting a few simple signature with no comments. As the ? is much more prominent than the Help in the left sidebar its grabbing the users attention so diverting users away from our main help system. This showing up to be a continuing problem with about one such post a day. A way needs to be found to direct users to the right place.

Version: unspecified
Severity: minor


bzimport set Reference to bz51875.

Presumably the solution is to provide a proper help link for users for general concerns, rather than burying it where they never see it?

Marking this as "WORKSFORME", though really we should consider the broader ramifications for us and think about adding a prominent help button for users who clearly want it.

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