VisualEditor: Add guidance message into the reference dialog to tell a user what to put there
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One of the biggest interface issue is the new reference dialog. The use is presented with a window and no real guidance on what to do.

Some brief instructions guiding the user to choose an appropriate citation template would be good. This obviously needs to be customisable on a wiki basis. For en.wikipedia you could have something like

"To add a reference please choose a citation template like {{cite web}}, {{cite journal}}, {{cite book}} or {{cite news}}. Click the jigsaw icon to insert one of these templates."

The message could be specified by a page in the MediaWiki: namespace.

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Severity: enhancement


bzimport set Reference to bz52250.

This feels like the wrong approach. In general, if you have to prompt a user with text telling them what to do, your interface has failed.

Bug 50110 (which we want to work on soon) would give users some buttons (or something similar) for a few, recommended templates for the context - and yes, that would be wiki-localised.

Consequently, I'm marking this as WONTFIX so we can focus on bug 50110.

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