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changes not marked as patrolled on sysop revert
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Author: robert_bearda

The uses the 'mark as patrolled' function as a means to check on
vandalism. Recently, several new moderators (sysop) have been appointed.
However, this luxury created a problem of sorts: whenever a sysop reverts a
change (or several changes at once) to an older version of the article, all
changes made after the version that was restored are still marked as not
patrolled. The users who check on vandalism are getting fed up with having to
mark these changes as patrolled, since this serves only an administrative purpose.

This bug report (or more accurately enhancement proposal) therefore proposes
that the wiki software sets all changes as 'marked as patrolled' if a sysop
reverts these changes to an earlier version.

Version: 1.6.x
Severity: minor



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bug / change subject to better reflect the issue.

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patch that fixes the bug

The patch is for includes/Article.php, revision 1.394.

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patch for Article.php revision 1.417