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Remove 'gettingstarted' tour from GuidedTour and move required messages to GettingStarted
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Remove the 'gettingstarted' tour from GuidedTour, and remove any parts that are still useful (including some of the messages) to GettingStarted. There are also some messages that are being bundled into the RL module, but don't seem to be used.

Now that we have a general-purpose firstedit tour (free of dependencies), it is no longer necessary for GuidedTour to have one with an optional dependency on GettingStarted (and a confusing final message if you don't have it).

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Severity: enhancement



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swalling wrote:

I think this request still applies, though the tour we're actually delivering is 'gettingstarted-tasktoolbar'.

The other tour is 'firstedit', but since that tour might reasonably be delivered outside of the GettingStarted experience and GuidedTour is still a dependency even if we move all tours, I think it can stay.

Change 94369 had a related patch set uploaded by Phuedx:
Add the gettingstarted tour from the GuidedTour extension.

Change 94370 had a related patch set uploaded by Phuedx:
Remove the gettingstarted tour, modules, messages, and message documentation.

Change 94370 merged by jenkins-bot:
Remove the gettingstarted tour.

Change 94369 merged by jenkins-bot:
Move in required gettingstarted tour messages from GuidedTour