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Deploy OAuth to test wiki
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Without that must be used as a test wiki for development of oauth enabled tools, which kind of suck

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: enhancement
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Peter, I'm not sure I understand your request. OAuth is enabled on testwiki, test2wiki, testwikidatawiki, and mediawikiwiki.

In a multi-wiki setup, where grants can apply to all wikis, one wiki has to be chosen as the central repository where those grants are saved. In our current setup, we chose as the central wiki, so that is where you would propose a new consumer. However, the rest of the protocol (actually getting tokens, sending the user for authorization, or using OAuth headers with the API) will work on all of the wikis wehre OAuth is enabled.

Petr: Could you reply to comment 1 please?

Resolving this ticket as worksforme as it appears [[mw:Extension:OAuth]] has been deployed to the phase 0 test wikis since August 2013. I tripped across this bug in the course of looking for a bug for deploying OAuth to _all_ Wikimedia wikis. I'll likely file such a bug.

(In reply to comment #3)

I'll likely file such a bug.

Filed as bug 55679.