File links need "paging" (next 500 type links)
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Author: jamydlan

It would appear that the File links section on the Image: namespace only show up to 500 links (in no
particular order), this can be a little troublesome with images that are used a lot (for example in stub

Look for example on the image in the URL field in this report. It's used in about 6 stub templates, but
looking at it's file links section you can't say wich ones because none of the templates show up among
the visible file links.

So I would suggest adding a paging scheme, simmilar to how categories work. That way you could browse
though multiple pages worth of file links easily (or if that's inpractical for caching reasons, add a new
specialpage to enumerate file links for a particular file).

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Severity: enhancement

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who wrote:

I support this proposal. It is very difficult to fix ghost links or track down a
specific file if you cannot list all the files linked to an image.

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Bryan.TongMinh wrote:

Imagelinks were added to [[Special:Whatlinkshere]] in r34320 and a link to [[Special:Whatlinkshere]] in r34507.

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