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Use autocreate permission to create new users
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Author: mkosek

Currently, OpenID extension check and use standard 'createaccount' permission to create mediawiki users for new users coming from OpenID authenticate.

This works OK unless I want to restrict anonymous account creation only to OpenID users and do not let anonymous users to create a new user via standard New user form. I had to set $wgOpenIDLoginOnly to true to achieve what I want, but it is suboptimal because existing non-openid users are not able to authenticate without OpenID.

This could be solved by using AuthPlugin capabilities ( and creating new users with 'autocreate' permission so that I can configure mediawiki to only allow auth plugins like OpenID to create new users and forbid creating new users by anonymous users.

Version: master
Severity: normal
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Hello, thanks for reporting this.

It appears to me, that your report is a duplicate or at least related to . Pleas can you have a look ?

mkosek wrote:

Not sure about Bug 54677, but 46617 looks very similar. Maybe all these 3 bugs can be fixed by subclassing of AuthPlugin and using it's capabilities.

@Ryan, Chris, other reporters:

THIS is at least partially what you wanted. My invitation to code-review:

Code is live on .

Special:Version should show you "4.00 20131115"

Please test.
Please code-review.
Please report., if the commit already solves your problem.

Be reminded, that commit is however not yet fully Auth-plugin compatible. (this is a goal, but cannot be done in short time, because I have to fix other pending issues, and I am alone working on that.)

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