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Update favicon wikimania.ico
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Author: t.lam

Create a favicon including 16x16, 32x32, and 48x48 versions of Substitute wikimania.ico at operations/mediawiki-config/docroot/bits/favicon with the new version.

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: enhancement



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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Needs Triage.Nov 22 2014, 2:24 AM
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Change 99602 had a related patch set uploaded by Tholam:
Update favicon wikimania.ico

Change 99602 abandoned by Tholam:
Update favicon wikimania.ico

You don't really need to file a bug for each Gerrit patch you submit. People usually look at the queue of patches waiting to be merged and review them from within Gerrit, rather than looking for bugs.

It's a GCI task, TTO; that's how it was described there, and Thomas only followed the guidelines.

This is the best process we came up with to combine Google Code-in with Bug 45036

I should have added to the instructions a request to add the GCI task URL in the URL field of the bug report. This is the first year that Wikimedia is participating at GCI and we are still learning. Thank you everybody for your patience!

Thomas, your patch might be good. There is no reason to abandon it. Please bring it back for review.

Change 99602 restored by Tholam:
Update favicon wikimania.ico

I just +1'd the favicon, it looks great. Thanks so much, Thomas!

Change 99602 merged by jenkins-bot:
Update favicon wikimania.ico