HTML headings point to nonexistent sections when transcluded
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Author: grmwnr

If a heading (created with <hX></hX>, the equal sign won't work at all for
obvious reasons) is passed as a parameter to a template, and the template
displays it as a regular section heading with an [edit] link, the edit link will
refer to a section of the template-including page, not to the template.

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ssanbeg wrote:

Note this has nothing to do with parameters; HTML headings in templates *always*
produce edit section links pointing to the main page.

That's beacuse they are marked as belonging to the template when they are in
wiki syntax, but the edit section links are added later, to the HTML, while the
TOC is built.

You could probably work around this by creating a template with the equal signs,
and using that, i.e. arg={[eq|3}]text{{eq|3}}

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