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user name is there for every instance where one could type
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i find it very confusing that flow currently displays my username even if i did not make a contribution. additionally, it is hard to find my own one contribution to a page with all these "false alarms". please do _not_ use the user name to denote something like "comment here to topic xxx".

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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to High.Nov 22 2014, 2:18 AM
bzimport set Reference to bz58413.
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bingle-admin wrote:

The WMF core features team tracks this bug on Mingle card, but people from the community are welcome to contribute here and in Gerrit.

I also think this is unnecessary.

In the current design the own username could even be mistaken as a signature for the preceding comment.

I think this will be fixed as part of wider changes to the replying/commenting UI.

The username shouldn't appear until you click into the reply box; that will ensure you won't get tripped up by it when scanning the page or searching for your name via control-f. That also helps resolve the slight weirdness of seeing your IP address in that area when you're logged out (new users are confused by this).

Change 106275 had a related patch set uploaded by Matthias Mullie:
(bug 58413) Hide usernames until reply form is active

What about non-JS users, for which we can't have any changes based on interaction like clicking the reply box?

The above patch will keep it as-is for those users, with the username still showing above every reply form (makes most sense to me)

Change 106275 merged by jenkins-bot:
(bug 58413) Hide usernames until reply form is active