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Increase in zero traffic for Grameenphone Bangladesh (470-01) around 2013-12-18
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On 2013-12-17 the total of zero=470-01 tagged requests jumped from
<10K requests/day to ~550K requests/day on 2013-12-18.

Is this sane traffic increase, or did something break?

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The maximum was reached on 2013-12-19 with ~820K requests/day. The
number is declining again, and back to ~300K requests/day for

It seems this spike can be attributed to Grameenphone announcing
Wikipedia Zero on their homepage:

(And judgding by the requested URLs below, Wikipedia Zero has been
added to Speed Dial as well)

The increase was >98% on the

domains. bn is in the carrier's showLangs, and the carrier only
zero-rates the zerodot domain. Which matches the above explanation.

The following three URLs are the most requested for each day since
(According to google translate, the last item is “Selected Articles”
on the “Wikipedia” namespace)

Those three URLs account for about a third up to half of the
zero=470-01 tagged traffic per day since 2013-12-19. The URLs are
requested at least an order of magnitude less.

About half of the zero=470-01 tagged traffic had “-” as
referrer. About 1/6 had

. That matches what we saw before the announcement.

The Grameenphone's announce listed (“.com” instead
of “.org”) as address, so we saw some requests to that domain. But
that was <1% per day for the zero=470-01 tagged traffic.

I did not notice other peculiarities in the traffic. So it seems to be
good traffic that is caused by the carrier's advertising.

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