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BiDi: Mozilla Firefox and Netscape can not preserve original tab order if LTR / RTL properties of content language and selected user interface differ
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Author: gangleri


This is an addition to:
Bug 4102: BiDi: Mozilla Firefox and Netscape can not display enough space
between tabs if LTR / RTL properties of content language and selected user
interface differ

I see the tabs (squeezed together) in the following order

  1. Article - (not translated)
  2. history - גירסאות קודמות
  3. edit - עריכה
  4. talk - שיחה
  5. protect - (not translated)
  6. delete - (not translated) – I am a sysop ;-)
  7. move - (not translated)
  8. unwatch - (not translated)

has at the right end an additional

  1. validate - (not translated)

This bug is related to Mozilla Firefox and Netscape.
Internet Explorer looks fine.

For Internet Explorer the location of the icon user.gif from*checkout*/wikipedia/phase3/skins/monobook/user.gif
is misplaced.

best regards reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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gangleri wrote:

Bug 4236: BiDi support for the personal toolbar
relates to a similar problem not about tabs as here but about the order of the
items in the personal toolbar

brion added a comment.Dec 9 2005, 11:45 PM

This appears to simply be because the translation is incomplete. Correct?

gangleri wrote:


On the other hand there are so many languages where LanguageXx.php is "much
behind" what is "available" at "Special:Allmessages" at the main language wiki
at the WikiMedia foundation.

Some communities are small, most of the few active contributors take care about
content and probably are not skilled in MediaWiki to that level as most of the
developers are. These LanguageXx.php will be long time be behind those from the
languages with a large amount of contributors.

To overcome the "chicken and egg" situation here called "If the user interface
would be translated properly MediaWiki would work fine" we should tray to keep
the impact of the "site effects" as low as possible.

I suggest to leave the bug open. Possibly a solution could be found or the
technical problem solves due to other changes / improuvements.

best regards reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

pablo wrote:

patch #6100 fixes problems of different directionality between wiki and uselang

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 6100 ***

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