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[DO NOT USE] Mozilla issues (Gecko, Firefox) (tracking) [superseded by #Browser-Support-Firefox tag]
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Author: tom

Tracking bug for issues with Mozilla products, such as Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Gecko (Mozilla's layout
engine) and Mozilla AppSuite.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal


TitleReferenceAuthorSource BranchDest Branch
builds-api: bump to 0.0.117-20231213110249-3c9d6b72repos/cloud/toolforge/toolforge-deploy!155project_1317_bot_df3177307bed93c3f34e421e26c86e38bump_builds-apimain
builds-admission: bump to 0.0.66-20231213102324-01f8d72crepos/cloud/toolforge/toolforge-deploy!154project_1317_bot_df3177307bed93c3f34e421e26c86e38bump_builds-admissionmain
start: add envvars parameterrepos/cloud/toolforge/builds-api!65dcaroadd_envvarsmain
buster-apache2: Allow for /view RewriteRule for Wikifunctionsrepos/releng/dev-images!46jforresterT338190main
Handle the query field not existingrepos/mwbot-rs/mwbot!50legoktmno-query-bodymain
k8s: use --wait for cert-manager and api-gatewayrepos/cloud/toolforge/lima-kilo!55aborreroarturo-k8s-use-wait-for-cert-mmain
Partition stream by (wiki_id, page_id)repos/data-engineering/mediawiki-event-enrichment!65gmodenaT338169-partition-by-wiki_id-page_idmain
Provide examples as discrete executable acceptance testsrepos/releng/blubber!48dduvallreview/examples-rewritemain
backport: add tests for extra commitsrepos/releng/scap!156dancyT338168master
Customize query in GitLab

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gangleri wrote:

Please report the bugs whereever possible also at
and include / insert /
add the url's of the related bug nuumber
( nnnn ).

gangleri wrote:

If possible test also with nightly builds from
if you experience compatibility issues with Chatzilla

ayg wrote:

(Bug 477 no longer an issue for Firefox.)

For record, I would like to report bug 9789 and bug 10477 here. Both are Gecko-only bugs, and both are solved by r23834 for now. However, a feature version of Mozilla is supposed to have this bug solved internally. wrote:

Bug 13580 - SVG nesting of <tspan> elements incorrect on Firefox, + workaround. Fixing this (via workaround) also fixes some positioning issues.

Should this tracker bug be closed, and should the remaining open issues get proper "Web browser" meta data?

closing per siebrands comment.

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