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Flow: Comments in a deleted topic are not visible in Deleted Contributions page
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User: made 2 topics with comments attached, (both pure spam), and the topics were deleted by admins.
However, the user's Contributions and Deleted Contributions pages are both empty:



Version: unspecified
Severity: major



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Quiddity created this task.Jan 8 2014, 1:13 AM

bingle-admin wrote:

The WMF core features team tracks this bug on Mingle card, but people from the community are welcome to contribute here and in Gerrit.

Special:DeletedContributions will need to have its own integration developed. These should still be listed in Special:Contributions though, checking into why that isn't happening.

Something seems to have fixed this, since the bug was filed. The IP's contributions are now correctly visible in the Special:Contributions page.

Either change this bug to track Special:DeletedContributions integration (per comment 2), or close this as fixed and file a new bug for that.

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