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Please enable draft namespace in pt.wikipedia
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It was discussed if we want the draft namespace in Portuguese Wikipedia.

The "draft" should be translated "rascunho".

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I kindly asy you to put this bug as "on hold" (if possible) or cancel. This subsject was debated three times in the past as pointed out (édia%3AEsplanada%2Fpropostas%2FAprovar_o_filtro_113_em_definitivo_(20nov2013)&diff=37756524&oldid=37756120) and this consensus merged in the middle of a different proposal as pointed out (édia:Esplanada/propostas/Aprovar_o_filtro_113_em_definitivo_(20nov2013)&diff=prev&oldid=37970908) so I guess it's not a rough consensus bt community. Regards,

Sorry. My bad! Is incomplete consensus!

swalling wrote:

Hi Otavio and Raylton!

While we're waiting for consensus on the Esplanada, we can leave this open and perhaps mark it as unconfirmed. No one will fulfill it early before the discussion on ptwiki is done.

swalling wrote:

I double checked, and I just wanted to note that once there's consensus, we can enable the namespace any time. We just need the names "Draft" and "Draft talk" translated beforehand. It sounds like it would be "Rascunho" and "Rascunho Discussão"?

This bug ticket and the associated discussion page seems to have grown stale; there's no progress or additional comments since the last few months. Judging from an informal translation it seems there was consensus just to modify Abusefilter 113, plus some comments above by Steven in the URL link provided by Helder. We can still revisit this if there's more consensus in another discussion for the ptwiki change to allow the new draft namespace.

Per comment 5, there is no consensus for the draft namespace. Please feel free to rediscuss the issue and reopen the bug if such consensus occurs in the future.

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