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LanguageFr.php : French Categorization Not Working After Install
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Author: thibault.stephane

After launching a new wiki based on version 1.5.2, French was selected as the main language for the website but the basic syntax for categories
(Catégorie:Nom de la catégorie) and templates (Modèle:Nom du modèle) is unfortunately not working straight out of the box.

I then downloaded the latest LanguageFr.php file from Sourceforge and replaced the former, but still no luck.

The NAMESPACE seems properly translated at first glance to my amateur eye but I can only vouch for the french part and not for the code itself. I tried to
further the System Messages translation process hoping that this would maybe solve the problem but here's what happened. The website still doesn't
recognize the french syntax but if I type [[Category:Bug]] it is then properly recognized, and it appears translated at the bottom of the page (Catégorie :
Bug). I'll be submitting my patch so that the messages translation work I did isn't completely lost but my knowledge in programming isn't strong enough to
fix this by myself. Should someone be interested in working on this with me, I am available for further translation and/or french proofreading.

  • Stéphane Thibault

Version: 1.5.x
Severity: normal
OS: Mac OS X 10.4
Platform: Macintosh



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thibault.stephane wrote:

LanguageFr.php translation patch

Translated only System Messages. No real work on the code.


Please submit an unified patch , have a look at the translation
guide on meta:

Closing as invalid for now.

thibault.stephane wrote:

Verifying what seems to be missing. Since I translated only the content of the messages I thought the file was complete.