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shop switches HTTPS -> HTTP when showing login prompt (on clicking checkout)
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I am able to stay on HTTPS on the shop *up until* the site gets to asking me to log in and *then* it sends me to HTTP.


Once a user is on HTTPS, keep them there.

Version: wmf-deployment
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(In reply to jeremyb from comment #0)

Once a user is on HTTPS, keep them there.

Or just require HTTPS (cf. bug 37790).

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Or just require HTTPS (cf. bug 37790).

Yup. But if not then at least do this.

I wasn't aware of this bug, so thanks for pointing it out! I'm going to talk with James Alexander and the people at Shopify to find out what has already been done to work on this and what we can do.

Hi Caitlin, any news/progress here, as this ticket was called the "main focus" in bug 37790 three months ago?

Hi Andre,

Thanks for the ping. I just updated bug 37790. In short, Shopify wasn't able to help us in the way we had hoped, so we're trying to get fr-tech to work on it. We need to work on getting some more technical resources for the shop specifically, and hope to see that happening this summer.

Has this been resolved in T39790#418202 ?

No. I just tested. This issue (redirect to HTTP after login) has not been resolved.

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the shop does not run on WMF infra but external on and isn't operated by the operations team. so i'm afraid ops and traffic can't do much here unless we'd stop outsourcing this to shopify.

Seems shopify only use https for checkout transaction.
Similar report earlier in last year:

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