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Change Semantic Forms autocompletion to use the Select2 library
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Semantic Forms autocompletion, which currently uses jQuery UI Autocomplete, should switch to using the Select2 JS library ( This will allow a number of important improvements:

  • "Tokenization" of values (putting squares around each term), which has become increasingly common in user interfaces
  • Flexible autocompletion for characters with accents
  • Display of an image associated with each term
  • Displaying values in a tree-type structure
  • Much better support for autocompletion on remote data sets

Tied in with that, it may make sense to create a new input type, maybe called "tokens", that uses the standard Select2 handling for a field with a list of values. ("text with autocomplete" would possibly be deprecated as a result.) And "combobox" should switch to using Select2, and possibly become the default input type for Page property fields (replacing "text with autocomplete"). And possibly, but less likely, "combobox" and "tokens" should become the new default input types for enumerated fields holding a single and a list of values, respectively (replacing "dropdown" and "checkboxes").

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rishimittal_ajmer wrote:

Hi Yaron ,

I have prepared draft and request you to please verify the draft at
( , also please tell that if in the proposal at GSoc-2014 , I have to write the propsal again or it is fine to just give the link of the wiki page hosting my proposal .

Rishi Mittal
IIIT- Hyderabad, India

rishimittal_ajmer wrote:

Hi Yaraon ,

I forgot to mention earlier , but please assign me microtasks for the Completion of the application process.

Rishi Mittal
IIIT-Hyderabad, India

What is "the proposal at GSoc-2014"? In case you refered to Google Melange than you are expected to also provide summary, abstract and content there.

In order to avoid confusion, I have specified the following at :

  • submit your proposal in Google Melange, linking to the version in, which is the one we will use in our evaluation

Change 136009 had a related patch set uploaded by Jatin:
Combobox switched to Select2 autocompletion

Change 136009 merged by Foxtrott:
Combobox switched to Select2 autocompletion