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Flow: Enhanced Recent changes - links are mistargetted
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There are a few problems with Enhanced Recent changes (usenewrc)* - changes are needed in both RC and Watchlist output.

  1. Each of the 24hour timestamps do not link to the right destination. (They all target ".../w/index.php?title=PAGENAME&curid=0")
  1. For the "(n changes | history)" or "(n changes | n since last visit | history)" links, the n-links do not link to the cumulative changesets. (They target ".../w/index.php?title=PAGENAME&curid=0&diff=0&oldid=0")
  1. Bytesize for the cumulative change, only repeats the bytesize for the last change.
  • Docs:
Enable the userpref via "Group changes by page in recent changes and watchlist" in

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This has changed a bit, with the advent of Topic pages. I'll merge this report into the other newer one. (bug 70513)

  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 70513 ***